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UNI Global Union, ITUC and UGTT Victory in Tunisa

18 December 2012

Tunisian government backs down over strike 

UNI affiliate and the leading union in Tunisia, the UGTT wins agreement with the government after threat of strike action

UNI Global Union and the ITUC have stood in solidarity with the UGTT over a general strike in Tunisia planned for tomorrow which has now been averted. The Tunisia government has backed down after being forced to accept that the UGTT represents Tunisian society and is a pillar of the new democracy established only two years ago.

The ruling Islamist party, Ennahda is accused by many Tunisians of doing nothing to effectively reduce unemployment or curb police abuses.

On December 4th, the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the assassination of the founder of the UGTT was marred when militia linked to Ennahda attacked members of the UGTT outside of its headquarters in Tunisia. This was the latest in a string of attacks by militia on the UGTT and its property.

The UGTT council will meet within one month to take a decision about a possible new announcement, depending on what happens in the interim.

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