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Jack Snacks Strike – Mpumalanga

1 August 2013

Jack Snacks Strike – Mpumalanga

This is a factory based in Nelspruit employing mainly women engaged in processing and distribution of Snacks, Pops, Maize & Corn Naks and Puffs. At this establishment there are no fix hours, nor any minimum wages. While we have secured a minimum of 180 hours per month in the negotiations prior to the strike, this was subsequently withdrawn by the Company after we deadlocked on wages and workers embarked on protected strike action.

This strike started on 15 July 2013, and is still continuing with the Company now threatening retrenchments in an attempt to break the unity of striking workers.

The workers demand R3 500 minimum wage, and as was indicated earlier, currently there is no minimum wage. On average workers here earn between R1 800 and R2 000 per month depending on the amount of hours they are scheduled to work. Further, the workers also demand a guaranteed 180 hours per month, initially agreed upon but since the strike as a way to threaten, intimidate and force workers back to these extreme exploitative conditions have been withdrawn by the Company.

The Company, in an attempt to break the strike has now threatened workers with retrenchments instead of meeting with the Union to seek a resolution to the dispute. The more than 110 workers remain strong and united continue with the strike action and we call on the public in general to support these workers.

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