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Pick ‘n Pay Celebrate Profits Not The Late President Nelson Mandela

13 December 2013

Pick ‘n Pay celebrate profits not Mandela

 Honour the Legacy of Madiba in Dignity!

 SACCAWU welcomes the decision by many retailers who heeded the call by SACCAWU to close for trading on 15 December to honour the late President Nelson Mandela. However, we remain utterly disappointed by the stance taken by Pick ‘n Pay.

 After becoming aware of the decision by Pick ‘n Pay management not to close on Sunday 15 December to observe with the rest of the country and the world the final resting of President Nelson Mandela SACCAWU called on all major retailers including Pick ‘n Pay not to open for business as an expression to honour Nelson Mandela and allow workers to honour their hero. SACCAWU welcomes the decision by Shoprite/Checkers, JD Group, Edcon and other retailers who decided to heed our call, some even having taken the decision to close even before SACCAWU communicated with them.

 It is unfortunate that Pick ‘n Pay did not heed our call. This so-called Madiba Day, as Pick ‘n Pay refers to their decision to trade on the day of the funeral of the late President Mandela, is cheap and revolting. Equally revolting and disgusting is the appeal by the management to workers to work on the day as profits will go to charitable causes that honour the name of President Nelson Mandela. SACCAWU finds the use of the death of Nelson Mandela to trade unpalatable. Despite our letter to the Company calling on them to close on the day of the funeral, we have received no change in the Company’s stance and this we find disappointing.

 We once again call on the powers that be within Pick ‘n Pay to honour the late Nelson Mandela with dignity and close for trading on Sunday 15th December 2013.

 We call on our members and all workers employed by the Company not to go to work on 15 December 2013 and join the rest of the nation and the world to honour the life of Nelson Mandela.

 We call on the society at large to not shop at Pick ‘n Pay on 15 December 2013 and join us and the rest of the world to honour the life and contributions the late President Nelson Mandela represents to us and the world.

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