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SACCAWU threaten to refuse to handle MTN goods unless striking workers demands are met


We have observed that CWU members, employed at MTN, have now been on a protracted strike for more than a month. We have noted that CWU members have been prepared to sacrifice their earnings in order take protected strike action to win their demands which is indicative of their determination to both defend their jobs and sector, and to insist that workers in MTN are treated with respect and afforded the dignity they so deserve.

We have noted that CWU is demanding a 10% increase in pay and a 12% increase in bonus payments. Given the rising cost of living, this is in our view entirely reasonable, and especially so given the vast profits that are returned to MTN.

The CWU has rightfully acknowledged that MTN has conceded that there will be an immediate cessation of the use of Labour Brokers. This is good for the company and good for the workers as the progressive trade union movement have insisted all along. However, despite these steps forward, MTN still refuses to pay overtime rates for Sunday and Public Holiday working, and the company continues to negotiate in bad faith, by agreeing matters at the bargaining table, and then refusing to sign the agreement! This is indicative of a managerial attitude that deliberately attempts to roll back what has been agreed.

We note that your Company has the ability to influence the attitude of MTN Management as it sells MTN Airtime and other related services and/or accessories, to the public. In this context we urge you to take reasonable steps to ensure that the current strike and dispute at MTN is resolved within five days of receipt of this letter as our members, employed by your Company, will not be handling MTN products in case the strike remains unresolved after seven days of receipt of this letter.

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