SACCAWU as the only representative trade union within Clicks is weighing the ultimate efforts to evade the industrial action amid provocation and with sustained intransigency displayed by management, and our negotiating team is running out of fortitude, to engage on this attitude but to leave it to the workers.
The dispute is arising from protracted wage and working conditions review, which at the core of the Union’s demands is the improvement of quality of life of flexi timers within Clicks Group of companies to be converted into full time employees. CCMA was seized with facilitation of possible settlement and the management simply ignore these objective and independent facilitation processes. After careful consideration of wage curve bell analysis it is Union view that a double digit or ±15% settlement could assist all employees to walk out of poverty wage band, staff discount of 17%, elimination of range of atypical forms of employment including of flexi timers, night-shift allowance and medical aid scheme of choice. This is all which the company rejected and only offering wage adjustment of mere ±4-5.5% across the board (ATB)
The Law of the land suggest for Balloting of workers both members and none members in support of the Union’s demands, strangely, but not surprised the company ridicules the Union’s formal correspondence which was aimed to encourage members to be ready for this eventuality, and to advance this legal and legitimate final step before embarking to Industrial Action.
As SACCAWU we are not deterred by these rather cheap tactics employed by the company, in an effort to defocus the Union from the genuine demands placed before the CCMA, and which led the CCMA to issue a certificate of non-resolution, which was an enabler for the Union to effect the communiqué on the 23rd November 2018, demonstrating the eagerness of members to embark and resolved, to embark on a limited duration protected strike action on the 14th to 16th December 2018.
Despite the heightened level of provocation demonstrated by the company, the Union still believe that further engagements in terms of Section 150 of the LRA provisions is a possibility to avert full-blown strike action, thus, we deemed it necessary and responsible to evoke this legal avenue/path as a reasonable approach to settle or to narrow the impasse, pursuant to the resolution of the dispute.
We call on our members and the public at large to revolutionary support in a discipline manner their legitimate and working class oriented demands, and to be ready for any future legitimate industrial action that the Union Structures may consider appropriate to force the company to recognize the need to improve quality of wage and working condition within Click Group.
For more information contact:
Biko Sekgabi: +27 82 370 7047
Khulekani Ngubane: 082 336 5448
Issued by: SACCAWU Media Communication Office
Mike Sikani
C: 082 336 8296 E: education@saccawu.org.za T: 011 4003 8333

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