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The Opening of the 4th ITUC World Congress in Copenhagen, Sunday 2 December 2018

  1. At this 4th ITUC Congress SACCAWU delegation as part of COSATU is led by the President Cde Louisa Thipe, with the Deputy General Secretary Cde Mduduzi Mbongwe and The Union’s National Education Coordinator Cde Mike Sikani, with sharp eyes fixed on political, organizational, economical and general administration of this ever growing giant workers organization ITUC. With respect to the articulated state of the organization by Ms Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of the ITUC, who amongst many challenges said: “Governments are failing to respect workers, and they are failing to respect voters whose majority are core working class communities who daily experiencing growing levels of poverty, unemployment and inequality across the world.
    In the state of global economy, she classified the economy as that of fragile nature seen through the lenses of workers, and argue that, “fragility of the global economy is on show when 59% of people in work are only just managing, struggling to make ends meet or not managing at all and nearly two in three don’t generally feel that their voice matters in politics. Without action to raise wages and change the rules for working people, we put democracy at risk.” This analogy resonate with the long held view by the Union in the context of the South African economic challenges facing the fragile democratic state which we are building under extreme challenge political and ideological contestations.
    Global Study Reveal that:
     59% of people in work are just about managing financially, struggling to make ends meet, or are not managing at all financially, often going without essentials or falling into debt.
     Nearly one in four (23%) people in work believe their job is insecure.
     Only 37% of people think their voice always or mostly matters in politics.
    Thus in her opinion on behalf of the workers of the world “Shared prosperity is elusive, people are struggling to get by on the wages they earn, and one in four people feel their job is insecure. Social cohesion is at risk as the global economic model based on corporate greed fails working people,”
    In keeping with the working class traditions refereshlingly she observed that “In order to rebuild peace, democracy and rights, we must regulate economic power – with minimum living wages, social protection and a new social contract. Workers need the security of just transitions, along with the guarantee of equality that ensures inclusion, to deal with the shifts in the world of work due to climate, technology and the displacement of people. The working class struggle continues!!!
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