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  1. The name of the Union shall be the South African Commercial, Catering and Allied Workers Union (SACCAWU), with its colours of identity being Black, White and Red.

The official emblem shall be a square box, with a black background and red border. Inside the square box, a picture depicting eight front-facing protesters (in white colour), the one on the extreme right raising a clenched fist and the one on the extreme left facing leftwards carrying a red banner inscribed SACCAWU (in black colour) tied to two sticks/wooden holders (in white colour).


Workers in their thousands have united to form SACCAWU:

1.1           to defend and protect themselves and fight for a decent standard of living;
1.2           to build a democratic, just, non-racial and non-sexist society free of all forms of exploitation and oppression;
1.3           to struggle for the abolition of the Capitalist System and for the establishment of a Classless Society.
We believe that this can be achieved only under the Leadership of a united Working Class and we commit ourselves to:
1.4           building a strong and democratic organisation run and controlled by Workers through its mandated Leadership;
1.5           carry out democratic decision-making;
1.6           uniting all Workers in the Trades/Industries in which we operate into one strong National Union;
1.7           eradicate all forms of racism and sexism;
1.8           participate actively in the mobilisation of the broader Working Class.

Our objectives are:
1.9           to regulate relations between Members and their Employers and to protect and further the interests of Members in relation to their Employers;
1.10        to build a strong and active Shopstewards movement;
1.11        to improve wages and working conditions;
1.12        to resist retrenchments and fight for full employment and job security
1.13        to set up effective Collective Bargaining machinery;
1.14        to democratise the work processes;
1.15        to render efficient service to members;
1.16        to oppose any policy, practice or measure which will cause division or disunity amongst Members or Workers;
1.17        to promote or oppose any laws or administrative measures that affect the interests of Workers;