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9th National Congress Political Resolutions



 1.         The Alliance


Noting that


–       The Alliance before Polokwane has not been functioning properly;

–       The Alliance Programme has not been implemented as agreed in Ekurhuleni 1 and 2;

–       The Alliance has failed to lead community struggles;

–       The recent Alliance Summit has confirmed the relevance of the Alliance as a Strategic Political Centre that drives transformation.


Believing that


–       Alliance Partners need each other to advance the National Democratic Revolution;

–       A positive political environment achieved by the Polokwane Conference;

–       The recent Alliance summit has laid a solid foundation towards building the Alliance;

–       Saccawu should play a positive role to build a strong Alliance;


Therefore Resolve:


  1. To reaffirm our 8th National Congress Resolution to swell the ranks of the SACP and the ANC;
  2. To reaffirm our role as the working class organisation and also as a revolutionary trade union movement;
  3. That the Revolutionary Alliance, should be strengthened; as the only mechanism and instrument available and capable in the current conjuncture to lead and advance a Radical National Democratic Revolution that is biased to workers and the poor;
  4. To reaffirm the Alliance as a Strategic Political Centre;
  5. To contribute to building  strong and effective alliance structures; at all levels; that will serve as a Political Centre that drives transformation;
  6. To reaffirm the Alliance resolution on supporting the President of the ANC Comrade Jacob Zuma;
  7. That SACCAWU should play an active role in contributing to building the  capacity of Alliance Partners to develop policy and monitoring mechanism;
  8. To mandate the executive structures to develop a concrete programme with time frames to implement and monitor this resolution;
  9. To further mandate the executive structures to develop a concrete programme aimed at building the SACP; as a Vanguard Party of the South African Working Class; including building its capacity to contest all sites of power including sate power.


 2.   The National Democratic Revolution


Nothing that:


–       The National Democratic Revolution has managed to achieve the following:

  • A strong constitutional State,
  • A constitution that has separated powers,

–       The Strategy and Tactics Document adopted at the 52nd National Conference of the African National Congress held in December 2007 has confirmed the working class and organized workers as the leading motive force of the National Democratic Revolution;

–       The ANC has been dominated by capitalist interests;

–       The 1996 class project has brought GEAR as a macro-economic policy;

–       The legacy of imperialism and colonialism are still entrenched our society;

–       A national democratic revolution that is not lead by the working class and workers is bond to fail or to be aborted.


Believing that:


–       Our struggle for eradication of colonialism and imperialism and all their manifestations is far from being over;

–       The GEAR policies have derailed our national democratic revolution;

–       The ANC is a contested terrain since it is a multi-class organisation where various classes struggle for their hegemony over its policy direction;

–       The Polokwane Conference has opened space to reclaim the ANC to its pro-poor and pro-the working class bias;

–       The balance of forces has shifted to towards the poor and the working class within the country.


Therefore Resolve:


  1. To challenge and expose a conclusion that seeks to suggest that Capital and Monopoly Capital are part of the motive forces of the National Democratic Revolution;
  2. To ensure that the Conference of the Left, which has been envisaged in various COSATU National Congresses is convened and that it develops a concrete proposal on how to build socialism in South Africa given the dominance of capital in accumulation path in the current phase of the national democratic revolution;
  3. To campaign for the Nationalisation and Re-nationalization of the Mining Industry; Sasol and Mittal Steel;
  4. That the Alliance should serve as a Strategic Political Centre that drives  a Radical National Democratic Revolution;
  5. To mandate our executive structures to develop concrete proposals and mechanism to build co-operatives and the co-operative movement within our society in general and in sectors organised by the Union in particular.