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Consolidated Regional Resolutions












Noting That:

  • The Organisation has been faced with serious challenges of non-functioning of structures both at Local and Regional level.
  • Our membership statistics shows that we have not managed to achieve our benchmark of having 200 000 membership by this Congress.
  • Campaign work was also hampered by the non-existence of effective and vibrant structures at all levels of our Organisation.
  • Our lack of capacity in managing, controlling and monitoring our finances has contributed in one way or another in enhancing our ability to coordinate our organisational affairs.


Believing That:

  • Strong organisational structures are a pillar of any organisation.
  • Recruitment and sustainability of membership is the key for our survival.
  • Building strong and effective finance committees at Regional and National level is of paramount importance.



1⸀ To build strong and effective organisational structures at Local, Regional and National level through active participation of Shopstewards and members in decision making.

2⸀ To improve and provide consistent quality service to members through specifically designed programmes, complete with clear delegation of responsibilities and time frames to Officials, Office Bearers and Shopstewards at shop floor.

3⸀ To engage in deliberate educational programmes to address our capacity challenges of leadership and union staff.

4⸀ Ensure that they are able to translate and contextualise the decisions taken by the Union, COSATU and the Alliance.

5⸀ To improve our management of the union and effective implementation of all our decisions.

6⸀ To strengthen union campaign structures in order to be able to take forward all our campaigns both at SACCAWU and COSATU level.

7⸀ Intensify our recruitment whilst at the same time sustaining current membership through creative means and programmes developed by structures.

8⸀ The union to continue to drive Operation Khokha to ensure effective and timeous collection of subscription.




Noting That:

The Union has failed to reach its membership targets as set in the 2017 Medium Term Vision and the majority of those who remain unorganised are workers in the hospitality sector;



In all meetings of the Locals membership should be a standard item on the agenda. Also, communication levels between Shop stewards, members and Officials should be improved. In order for the majority of youth to be recruited Officials of more or less the same age should be employed so that they can come their level and discuss issues of politics with them this way they will not only join the unions but also they will be active participants in structures of the Alliance partners.

The Union should introduce Mobile Office that would service rural areas and town in far remote areas.

In order to step up its recruitment campaign, the Union should effective commemorate the life of comrade Setena Khaile by holding memorial lectures across regions and engage in recruitment campaigns targeting the hospitality sector every year in September.

That the Union should strive to achieve 80% of membership levels in all companies already organized by the end of 2009 and the CEC and NEC should monitor progress in that regard.

The Union should conduct a feasibility study on the possibilities of establishing an incentive scheme for those who recruit members into the Union and the CEC should finalize on this matter.








That Regions whose OCCBU coordinators are still doing local work are allowed to employ their replacements so that they can do OCCBU work on full time basis like it is the case in other Regions.







Noting That: 

  • Our local Offices are always closed when Officials/Organizers attend CCMA cases and other union activities and that most of the regions do have Local Administrators.


Believing That: 

  • For the smooth running of locals and proper service to our members. Local Offices should always be opened.



  • All local offices should have Administrators.






The Unions should immediately review the car policy along the lines of the current set up and ensure that all officials have cars by the end of 2009.







The Congress noted the following:

1⸀   The recruitment in the organisation does occur on daily basis.

2⸀   Some regions and locals have failed to monitor growth on membership.

3⸀   Some regions and locals have failed to achieve the objectives of growing the membership with 10% as contained in our 2017 plan while others have exceeded the target.

4⸀   The locals fail to induct new members to the organisation.

5⸀    The structures have failed to ensure that quantity is converted to quality.

6⸀   The role that has been played by the Company Councils to the growth of membership in the organisation.

7⸀   We have not managed to ensure that in all companies where we are organized we have 50+1% on the level of membership.

8⸀   We have not managed to implement the decisions of the bargaining conference on recruitment.


The Congress believes that:

1⸀   Our sector has a great potential of growth.

2⸀   The executive structures should identify all the regions and locals that have not managed to achieve 10% growth as articulated within the 2017 plan.

3⸀    The beginner’s classes are key and critical in inducting new members and sustenance of such membership.

4⸀    The strategies as articulated by the bargaining conference resolutions are still correct and relevant.



1⸀   The membership growth should be our backbone.

2⸀   To affirm the target to grow the union to 265 000 members by 2011.

3⸀   Develop the target for the each region and local in attaining this membership growth.

4⸀   Develop monthly monitoring mechanism for all locals and regions.

5⸀   Executive structures to ensure that they assess progress on this front one each and every structural meeting.

6⸀    To re-affirm 2005 Congress resolution to verify membership on each and every year.

7⸀   To adopt the bargaining conference resolutions on recruitment to be part of our recruitment and organizing strategy.

8⸀   Develop a mechanism to sustain the current membership.

9⸀   Improve the level of service provided to members by the organisation

10⸀Development and training of the staff members and shopstewards as contained in the 2015 and 2017 plan.

11⸀Adherence to the constitutional provision of 1000 members per official.

12⸀The executive structures to pay special attention to those regions and locals that have failed to achieve 2017 targets on recruitment even or including subjecting such regions under HO administration in the event that there are no improvements within the next 18 months.

13⸀The Region to establish recruitment and organizing unit that will focus upon recruitment and organizing team within the Region.

14⸀The Region to provide resources for such a unit.






The Congress noted that:

  • The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Union.
  • There are areas that need some further clarity.


The Congress therefore believes that:

  • The Congress should reflect upon those areas that have some grey areas.



  • The Regions should be amended to become Provinces.
  • All the reference in the constitution should be amended from regions to the Province.
  • The question of the Free-State/Northern Cape should be considered as a project to attain sustainability of these Provinces and the CEC should be task to handle and process this task.
  • The constitution should prevent any office bearer to become both a regional and also a National Office Bearer of the region or in the company council.
  • The majority of the LOB should have a right to convene an LOB meeting.
  • The Constitution should provide that the majority of the LEC members have a right to convene an LEC meeting.
  •  The Constitution should create a position for the Deputy Provincial Secretary.
  • The NFC and the RFC should be made a constitutional structure and the powers and the function should be left as contained in the financial policy.
  • The Composition of the NFC should also include the Regional/Provincial Secretaries.






Noting That:

1⸀        The Union had its investment company called SACCAWU Investment Company (SIH)

2⸀        The said investment company was successful in its operations until this was disrupted by the SACCAWU National Provident Fund being put under curatorship.

3⸀        The SACCAWU Investment Company through the SACCAWU Investment Trust was able to make financial contributions to the Union.

4⸀        SACCAWU is currently the only major trade union without an Investment Company.


Believing That:

1⸀        The establishment of an investment company by SACCAWU is more of a priority than ever before.

2⸀        The Union cannot survive through the members’ subscriptions only.



1⸀        Attempts by the National Office Bearers to establish the said investment company must be supported.

2⸀        The union must convene the Investment Conference in May 2009 to develop guidelines on the operation of the said Investment Company.

3⸀        The NOBs must solicit the sponsorship for the holding of the said SACCAWU Investment Conference.

4⸀        The proceeds of the said Investment Company must benefit the SACCAWU members and their families and the Union in general.

5⸀        The Investment Conference must further debate where this company can make investments





The Regional Congress Noting That:

1⸀        The main income of SACCAWU as Trade Union is derived from the membership subscriptions.

2⸀        The said subscription has not been able to sustain the organizational and operational expenses of the union.

3⸀        The Union was had no choice but to engage with service providers who had to pay a service fee for the role the union is playing in engaging companies where we have membership for stop order facilities.

4⸀        The CEC of the Union decided that Old Mutual Group as a service provider of choice for individual members investments, life cover, funeral cover and long and short term insurance policies.

5⸀        The CEC of the Union decided that Ingwe Medical Aid must be service provider of choice for the medical aid of staff and members.


Noting Further That:

1⸀        SACCAWU is one of the major Affiliates of COSATU which does not have an investment company currently.

2⸀        Most of the unions with investment companies are currently self sufficient.


Believing That:

1⸀        The financial contributions made by Old Mutual Group Scheme from the year 2002 to 2007 has gone a long way in ensuring that the Union moves closer to being self sufficient.

2⸀        The financial contribution made by Ingwe Group Scheme from the year 2004 to 2007 has also gone a long way in ensuring that the Union moves closer to being self sufficient.

3⸀        There are still some weaknesses that have been identified by the Union in relation to the service offered to our members by the said service providers of choice.


Believing Further That:

1⸀        For us to achieve our principle goal of self sufficiency there is absolute necessity to establish an Investment Company.

2⸀        The said Investment Company will be of benefit to our staff, members and the union in general.



1⸀        Old Mutual Group Scheme and Ingwe Medical Aid must be maintained as the service provider of choice for the products that they are currently offering to union members.

2⸀        The SACCAWU NEC must be tasked with the responsibility of engaging both companies in regard to the increasing the commissions offered to the Union within six months after the SACCAWU National Congress.

3⸀        The SACCAWU NOBs as per the directive of the National Congress be instructed to invest 20% of the said commissions per month for the next three years.

4⸀        The said 20% of the investment must be effective 1st January 2009.

5⸀        OCCBU must be tasked with the responsibility of developing an aggressive campaign of ensuring that our members understand the products offered by the said service providers to enable them purchase such in masse.

6⸀         OCCBU must engage with both service providers to discuss the reason why there is cancellation by members and whatever weaknesses identified with the said products.

7⸀        The Union must develop a program to ensure that it develop its own Medical Aid Company.

8⸀        The Union must finally establish the Investment Company the latest being June 2009.





The Regional Congress Noting That:

1⸀        The SACCAWU 8th National Congress spent much time discussing the issue of the service providers.

2⸀        The issue of the service providers has been a thorny one within SACCAWU and a certain stage created unnecessary conflicts amongst members and leadership.

3⸀        The service providers of preference for SACCAWU around financial services and medical aid are Old Mutual Group Scheme and Ingwe Momentum Medical Aid.

4⸀        The 8th SACCAWU National Congress resolved that all National Shop Steward Councils must declare the service providers that they are utilising but only few national companies have made the said declarations.

5⸀        The NOBs have noted that most of the national companies utilise the following service providers who are in the main not service providers of choice:


5⸀1⸀.         Blue Dot Housing Financial Services

5⸀2⸀.         Blue Dot Rural Financial Services

5⸀3⸀.         Mafuri Financial Services

5⸀4⸀.         ABACUS Financial Services

5⸀5⸀.         SAFRICAN (Modjadji)

5⸀6⸀.         SAFRICAN (Setsoe)

5⸀7⸀.         Different types of Medical Aids unknown to the union

5⸀8⸀.         Different types of unsecured loans.


Believing That:

1⸀        Most of the said service providers have already entered into stop order agreement with respective national and regional companies where we are organised.

2⸀        It is going to be difficult for the Union to cancel the said agreements as our members have already been granted either loans or part of the said medical aids and deductions and premiums are already made from their salaries.

3⸀        There has been incidents that forced the SACCAWU NOBs had to make interventions due to the problems that the members are encountering with the said service providers.

4⸀        Some of the NOBs of National Companies are arguing that the Union cannot dictate to them which service provider they can choose.

5⸀        Under these circumstances the union will be forced to develop national guidelines on dealing with the said sensitive issue.



1⸀        We reaffirm the decision that Old Mutual Group Scheme and Ingwe Medical Aid remain the service providers of choice.

2⸀        The SACCAWU NOBs must meet with all the service providers that are having an agreement with the National Companies organised by SACCAWU.

3⸀        The SACCAWU NOBs must go through the said agreements and satisfy themselves that the said agreements are not taking our members for a ride.

4⸀        The NOBs must also check the status of the said service providers for the protection of our members.

5⸀        All companies must be informed that they can only grant stop order facilities to the service providers as per the directive of the NOBs after approval by the NEC.

6⸀        The Regional Congress must debate whether it is possible to maintain the two service provider being Old Mutual Group Scheme and Ingwe Medical Aid as the only service providers of choice.





The Regional Congress Noting That:

1⸀        The SACCAWU 8th National Congress resolved on the establishment of the strike fund.

2⸀        The actual date of implementation had to change to April due to failure by regions to report back to members in time.

3⸀        Shop stewards from other companies felt that the changing of the date of implementation was a transgression of the 8th National Congress resolution.

4⸀        There is currently confusion whether the resolution was for the contributions to the strike funds were once off or had to continue on an annual basis.

5⸀        We have not managed to implement the said resolution to its fullest particularly as most local, regional and national companies have not yet contributed to the said strike fund.

6⸀        The contribution has been going to the National Project Account and the CEC resolved that the NOBs must open Strike Fund Account.


Believing That:

1⸀        The Strike Fund is more relevant currently than at the time we took a resolution on the matter.

2⸀        The changing of date from December to May cannot justify the reason why other companies could not contribute to the said fund.

3⸀        The confusion around whether this was a once off payment or annual contribution must be clarified.



1⸀        The implementation of the deductions must continue to be December of each year.

2⸀        The utilisation of the said funds must be restricted to matters that relates to strikes with OCCBU having to finalise the guidelines as a matter of urgency.

3⸀        Those companies that are not contributing must be encouraged to do so but until such time they are able to contribute they are not entitled to the benefits of the said fund.

4⸀        The NOBs must also report on the progress in regard to the opening of the Strike Fund Account.





Noting that:

Information about the COSATU 2015 Plan was not properly given to members on the floor for implementation thereof. Also poor service levels have meant that there was a lack of application and ignorance on the part of the workers. Class contradictions have also been to blame for the Plan’s failure to reach the working class.



The Union should adopt the COSATU Policy on the Alliance Pact and embrace work already done on this matter.








Noting that

Subscriptions are the only source of income in the union.

2002 National Congress resolved on the monitoring of the above.

Some if not most of local and regional companies at times default in term of paying union subs into union account.

Some national companies often delay subscriptions deduction from newly recruited members.

Some national companies at times unilaterally stop deducting subscriptions from our members.



Reinforcing 2002 national congress resolution.

Regions to monitor the implementation of operation Khokha on monthly basis and report to the General Secretary.

National Teams should monitor threshold on their companies quarterly.






Noting that

Traveling allowance is paid from regional allocation

The amount paid is not consistent in terms of regions.


Believing that

The allowance is intended to assist officials to travel from one point to the other when rendering service to members by negotiating for wage and substantive issues, representing members at CCMA, grievances, shop visits, etc.

This is highest expense in the regional allocation, especially in small regions.



The allowance should pay by the head office direct to organizers bank accounts.

The first CEC should finalize the matter.




The National Office should take the responsibility of paying traveling Allowances for all Organizers as this is becoming a huge burden to small and vast regions.






Noting That:

1⸀        The issue of the allocation to the region has been a thorny one for the SACCAWU Wits Region.

2⸀        Our region has been able to account for each allocation received by the seventh of each month in terms of the financial policy of the Union.

3⸀        We have had a bad relationship or experience with the National Treasurer in regard to receiving our monthly allocation irrespective of the fact that we have been accounting on a monthly basis and this matter has been raised with all Executive Structures of the Union but the problems were persistent as other regions did not take this matter seriously as it was only two regions that are always accounting in terms of the financial policy.


Believing That:

1⸀        The Regional Executive Committee debated this issue a length and adopted a resolution to the CEC.

2⸀        While the delegates to the CEC tabled the said resolution and was seconded there was no will to implement the said resolution.

3⸀        The region cannot suffer because of mismanagement and failure to implement financial policies of the union.

4⸀        Allocations to regions are core in ensuring that the regions implement its organisational and financial responsibilities.

5⸀        There is a need to establish how the other regions have been operating without receiving allocations from the Head Office.



1⸀        The allocation to regions must not be made through manual payment as this process has been abuse and manipulated by the Finance Department.

2⸀        We reaffirm the Regional Executive Committee resolution that allocations to regions must be based on a debit order facility effective from 1st October 2009.

3⸀        There must be disciplinary measures to be taken against the ROBs of the regions that fails to account for allocations in term of the financial policy

4⸀        The NOBs must be mandated to interrogate how the regions who are failing to account have been surviving without receiving allocations.






The Regional Congress Noting That:

1⸀        The Financial Policy indicates that staff loan applications will be acceptable for the extraordinary expenses.

2⸀        The extra ordinary expenses are defined as education and funerals.

3⸀        While the policy defines education and funeral as extra ordinary expense it fails to give guidelines on what falls between the said categories and this has led to abuse.

4⸀        There is a contradiction in Clauses: 10.5 and 10.6 respectively as the policy cannot mention that the maximum payable must not exceed three months salary while at the same time we are saying one loan will have to be fully paid before any further loan will entertained with a maximum of two loans per annum.


The Regional Congress Believing That:

1⸀        Our External Auditors have raised the issue of staff loans as a major concern

2⸀        The National Credit Act stipulates that if an employer exceeds an amount R 500,000. 00 on staff loans that employer must register as a Loan provider.

3⸀        The Union might have exceeded this amount and it would not be practical for it register as a loan provider.

4⸀        There is a need to set guidelines on the type of educational and funeral loans that are granted to staff members to eliminate the element of abuse.

5⸀        The staff loans are currently having a serious impact on the cash flow of the Union.



1⸀        The policy on staff loans must be amended to cover the following that:

1⸀1⸀.     The extraordinary expense related to the funeral must be defined to mean a funeral of a spouse and children.

1⸀2⸀.     The extraordinary expense related to education must be defined to mean that of children at a tertiary level only.

1⸀3⸀.     Those staff members applying for staff loans must signed a contract in terms of the Union Financial Policy

2⸀        The staff members can only be allowed to request for an advance after the 15th day of the month as granting advances before then amounts to a loan.

3⸀        The Union must debate what must happen to the current loan book to avoid penalties related to the National Credit Act.






The Regional Congress Noting That:

1⸀        The SACCAWU Central Executive Committee has recently adopted amendments to the Financial Policy of the Union.

2⸀        The said amendments concentrated mainly on travelling and accommodation.

3⸀        Even though the CEC has adopted the said amendments there has been a serious flaw in the practical implementation of the said financial policy.


The Regional Congress Believing That:

1⸀        Clause: 1.1. Of the Financial Policy has not taken into account that the SACCAWU NOBs are currently part of the NFC.

2⸀        The fact that the National Treasurer is expected to chair the NFC meeting complicates matters as he is expected to give reports and account to the said structure.

3⸀        The NFC members have not been able to implement their Tasks and Duties and Powers as per Clause: 2 of the Financial Policy.

4⸀        The travelling allowance amounts as captured in Clause: 8 covering Africa has to be increased particularly as expenses in some of the African countries are extremely high.



1⸀        Ensure that the composition of the NFC must include the NOBs if that is not reflecting in the policy document.

2⸀        We must make an amendment regarding the Chairperson of the NFC by suggesting that the Chairperson be appointed among the CEC delegates (excluding the Regional Treasures and NOBs)

3⸀        The NFC members must be empowered to be able to perform their task, duties and powers.

4⸀        The allowance for trips to Africa must be treated the same like those of Asia, Europe and America.






Noting That:

1⸀        The SACCAWU National Provident Fund (Under Curatorship) was established by the Union in 1994 through the staff withdrawal benefits that were initially administered by Metropolitan.

2⸀        Since then the Union has invested millions of rand from its own coffers in ensuring that the said fund becomes a success.

3⸀        The Union through its own human and financial resources grew the said SNPF from an asset based of R 449 000 in 1994 to close to R 3 Billion by the time the said fund was put under Curatorship.


Believing That:

1⸀        The Union is still continuing to utilize its human and financial resources for the benefit of the SNPF even though under Curatorship while not all SACCAWU members are SNPF members.

2⸀        The Union is entitled for a compensation for its financial and human resource for the establishment of the said fund from the Curatorship as the funds that were utilized are those SACCAWU members of which some are not SNPF members.

3⸀        The union is still involved in an aggressive recruitment of members to the SNPF including negotiating with companies to be part of the Participating Employers using its member’s funds without receiving any commissions.

4⸀        With the current standard and cost of living the current funerals cover of R 5,000. 00 offered by the SNPF does not come nearer to the escalating expenses of a funeral.

5⸀        The said R 5,000. 00 Funeral Cover is not competitive to the Retirement Industry.



1⸀        The Union must demand compensation for the human and financial resources that it has contributed towards the establishment of the SNPF until now even though it is under Curatorship as the this funds are those of its members whom some are not members.

2⸀        The Union must be paid royalties for the work that it as done in establishing the said SNPF.

3⸀        The Union must demand commission for the human and financial resources that it has contributed in recruiting and negotiating for the signing of Participating Employer Agreements.

4⸀        The royalties to be claimed and the commissions to be received must be invested for the benefit of the SACCAWU members

5⸀        The Union must ensure that the members of the SNPF demand that the Funeral Cover be increased to an amount of R 15,000. 00 as this will be in line with the current increase in standard and cost living while at the same time being competitive within the Retirement Fund Industry.






The Regional Congress Noting That:

1⸀        SACCAWU as a Union has last increased its monthly subscriptions at the 1999 National Congress.

2⸀        The said increase was a conversion of subscription to 1% (One Percent) with the minimum being R 15.00 (Fifteen Rand)

3⸀        There is still companies that have not converted to 1% (One Percent) and are still paying the previous 1999 Constitutional requirement of a maximum of amount of R 30,00 (Thirty Rand)

4⸀        Our members at some of the Hotels and Gaming are on a process of converting to a percentage increase even though there is some resistance in some of the Sun International Units.


Believing That:

1⸀        The membership of SACCAWU has increase drastically since it was last verified.

2⸀        The said increase in membership was in the main as a result of an aggressive recruitment of casuals and/or variable time employees.

3⸀        We are unable to affiliate to COSATU with the entire membership due to the fact that while the membership has increased this has not improved our finance drastically.

4⸀        Unfortunately some of the said casuals and/or variable time employees in some companies are paid in terms of Wholesale and Retail Sectoral Wage Determination which is in most instances averaging at R 1,500. 00 (Fifteen Thousand Rand).

5⸀        The casuals due to scheduling of hours result in them being paid far less than R 1,500. 00 a month.

6⸀        The increase of the inflation, interest rates, petrol and food prices has had an impact on the finances of the Union and that of its staff members.

7⸀        The members who pay subscriptions by hand continuously pay R 15.00 (Fifteen Rand) irrespective of what they earn.



1⸀        There must be a Constitutional Amendment to increase the minimum payment of subscription to R 20.00 (Twenty Rand).

2⸀        All companies that are still not paying subscriptions in terms of the SACCAWU Constitutions must be instructed to do so after the SACCAWU National Congress.

3⸀        All Local and Regional officials must be instructed to fight for organisational rights in all establishments where we do not have such.





Noting That:

Gender structures at Local and Regional level are not effective. Improvement is noticed at Local, Regional and National level of Gender Representation but capacity building remains the key challenge.


Believing That:

The struggle for Gender Equality is an ongoing struggle. That empowering of women to prepare them to occupy leading positions within the structures of the organisation is the key in addressing the Gender in-balances. Gender related campaigns should be given serious attention,



1⸀ To build strong gender structures at all levels.

2⸀ Monitor our participation in Gender Campaigns.

3⸀ At all levels of our structures an office bearer must be allocated to coordinate Gender activities.

4⸀ Intensify our demand on late trading and safe Transport particularly for women.

5⸀ Reinstate the resolution on organising sex workers

6⸀ The union to consider having full time Gender Coordinators in all Regions.

7⸀ Capacity Building to be prioritised when dealing with the Education programme.







Noting that:

All regional coordinators are administrators.

Regions do not have well informed programs on gender struggle.

Our local genders structures are not properly capacitated.


Believing that:

Often administrators who are genders coordinators don’t pay much attention on the structure due to work load.



The union should employ fulltime gender coordinators in all regions.




The Union should employ full time gender coordinators in all Regions.








Noting that: 

  • Shopstewards only attend cases at the company level and that Shopstewards have been capacitated on effective representation.


Believing that: 

  • Local Organizers spends their time attending cases at the CCMA level.



  • LOBs should attend and represent workers at the CCMA level.






Noting that:

Our Education Unit has not been able to fully capacitate shop stewards and officials to fully engage with employers on challenges they are faced with;



a⤀       The Union should adopt the route of getting its education programs and educators being registered and accredited by/with SAQA and SETAs to improve the standard and quality of our programs.

b⤀       Unions to train and educate cadres on their role and how they can advance union policies through proper structures and encourage them to be politically involved in structures of the ANC and the SACP. They should be encouraged to attend political schools so as to work together with other community based structures at all levels.

c⤀       Newly elected Shop stewards should be properly inducted and be conscientised about the Alliance and the reasons for its existence. All workers are to be encouraged to actively participate in ANC/ structures in areas where they live, especially in branches.

d⤀       The Union should explore the possibility of having joint Political Schools with SACP in all Regions as part of cadre development in the Union. These schools should be funded jointly.






The Regional Congress Noting That:

1⸀   In the main the most of the Regional Treasurers and National Treasurer have not been broadly capacitated to deal with the overall financial matters confronting the Union.

2⸀   There is a tendency amongst Regional Treasurer to pretend as if they know and this is dangerous. The major weakness of the Regional Treasurers is the mindset of believing that they are only responsible for the financial affairs of the regions.

3⸀   They seem not to understand that their powers amongst all is to ensure that the National Treasure accounts to them through the NFC and they the completely responsible for the entire finances of the union.


Believing That:

1⸀   Failure to constructively engage with the income and expenditure of the Union.

2⸀   Failure to analyse the Financial Audit of the Union hence we have not been able to complete the 2006 Audit while we are now in 2008.

3⸀   Failure to ensure that the National Treasurer is accountable to the NFC and all National Structures of the Union.

4⸀   Failure to exercise the powers of the NFC including implementation of the task and duties of the NFC.

5⸀   Allowing the National Treasurer to individually run the entire finances of the Union including those delegated to the NFC.

6⸀   Failure to monitor the regional and national budgets of the Union.

7⸀   The fact that the Union has failed to capacitate the Regional Treasurers seem to be a conscious effort particularly as the capacitating of the Regional Treasurers was suppose to be a priority moving from the 2002 SACCAWU National Congress resolution which dealt with the financial crisis within the Union.



1⸀   The National and Regional Treasurers must be fully capacitated around all financial matter to enable them to ensure that:

a⤀            There is adherence to the Financial Policy of the Union.

b⤀           They are able to implement the task, duties and powers of the National Finance Committee.

c⤀            The funds of the Union are used to further the aims and objectives of the Organisation.

d⤀           There is no irresponsible usage of the funds of the Union.

e⤀            There is no abuse of Union funds through embezzlements.

f⤀            There is organisational accountability by ensuring that all in sundry account for the money in terms of what they have achieved with the money.

g⤀            There is financial accountability in that all in sundry account for the money we have spent by producing documentation that we have spent the money on.

h⤀           The monthly, quarterly and annual statements to the structures of the Union are produced.

i⤀             Our external Audits are complemented and signed off six months after our financial year.








Noting that:

  • The Alliance before Polokwane Conference only existed on paper.
  • There were no meetings convened and also no joint programmes.
  • The post Polokwane opened new grounds and space for engagement at an Alliance level.
  • The subsequent Alliance Summit further reinstates the Alliance as the Political Centre.


Believing that:

  • The Alliance Partners need each other to take forward the National Democratic Revolution.
  • The political gains achieved at Polokwane Conference have to be guided against.
  • In order to ensure that the ANC remains working class bias as workers we have to fully participate in its structures and those of the SACP.



1⸀ To reaffirm our 8th National Congress resolution on swelling the ranks of the ANC and the SACP.

2⸀ Congress to agree on practical steps to monitor the implementation of the above resolutions

3⸀ Redefine our role as the working class organisation and also as a revolutionary trade union during the current transition.






The Union should support the ANC in the coming National General Elections.






Noting that:

Xenophobia has become a problem and of late it has threatened to breed tribal attacks amongst South Africans, which has in turn weakens the Movement, given that it draws its support across all South Africans.

These violent clashes said to be xenophobic attacks have created a situation of unease and potential investors may conveniently use this as an excuse not to invest whilst established businesses may disinvest or cease to do business with South Africa. This means that the creation of more quality jobs remains a pipe dream.

Believing that:

Illegal immigrants easily engage in criminal and/or fraudulent activities as their presence within the Country is not recorded and/or monitored whilst those who are legally in the Country take jobs at whatever cost, out of desperation and this has created an unfair competition between foreigners and locals in the context of low wages normally accepted by foreigners and employers use that to set standards in the workplace whilst bashing unions in the process.

This anomaly undermines the actual value of labour in South Africa, to an extent of devaluing standards.

Illegal immigrants also negatively impact on the ability of South Africans to access basic resources like houses, land, electricity and water as well as space to do business.



SACCAWU to develop a strategy to conscientise its members and the Society on the need to co-exist with our brothers and sisters from beyond our borders.

SACCAWU should campaign to ensure that employers within its sectors are held to contribute towards relief projects aimed at assisting victims of xenophobic attacks.

The Union should, through COSATU, engage and push Government through the Dept of Home Affairs to speedily resolve the current   set-up in terms of tightening border control and registration regulations governing the movement of Immigrants and going forward it should set up proper refugee camps and house the Immigrants there for proper monitoring of numbers that come to SA. Government should also create legislation protecting job security for South Africans.






The Congress has noted the following

  • We are a strong constitutional democracy.
  • Our constitution has a separation of power.
  • We are having the following challenges as the working class
    • Leadership crisis
    • Economic crisis that is not of our own making
    • Deployment in governance.
    • Patriarchy is still entrenched in our society.
    • Lack of cadreship development.
    • Lack of accountability to the constituency.
  • The ANC strategy and tactics further confirm the workers and the working class as the leading force within the motive force to advance the NDR.
  • The revolution that is not lead by the working class and the workers is bond to fail or to be aborted.
  • The ANC has been dominated by capitalist interest including its executive structures.
  • The challenges facing SANCO in the current conjuncture.
  • The unions have not implemented their previous resolution to build MDM structures.
  • The communities have been left on their own to take up frustration and problems in the communities.
  • The revolutionary alliance has failed to lead the communities on their daily problems.
  • The ANC has no capacity or mechanism to develop and monitor policies.
  • The current culture of careerism and narrow interest among our cadre’s in the movement.
  • The current infighting within the ANC.


The Congress further noted that:

  • The 1996 Class Project has brought Gear as micro-economic policy.
  • Our political environment has been poisoned and that the strategies of CIA have developed within the Movement.
  • The media has not been transformed in our country and it serve the interest of the few and also that the Congress had called upon the establishment of the working class newspaper.
  • The public hearing has been just a dress rehearsal.
  • 2007 will go down as a challenging year in the history of our country.
  • The commercialization of the basic services by Government
  • The lack of involvement of the workers in community struggle undermines our struggle.
  • The labour movement is rooted within the community but not leading the community struggle.
  • The struggle for economic justice is still as relevant as ever.
  • Lack of political discussion within our structures.
  • Our objectives as contained in the 2017 plan.
  • The Pact as proposed in the COSATU Congress resolution.
  • Welcome the resolution of building a developmental state in the country.


Believes that:

  • Our struggle for eradication of the legacy of colonialism and imperialism is far from being over.
  • The Gear policies have reversed and derailed our National Democratic Revolution.
  • The ANC is a contested terrain and the working class should fight for its hegemony.
  • The current development within the Alliance should be welcomed.
  • The Polokwane Conference has opened a space to reclaim the ANC to be pro-poor and bias towards the working class.
  • The balances of forces within the country have shifted towards the working class and the poor.
  • The transformation of the media and the judiciary system should be fast tracked.
  • The concept of the developmental state should be supported by concrete policy proposal.
  • The next coming general and local government election will be the most difficult elections ever since 1994 election.
  • The progressive trade union movement should play an important role in assisting and rebuilding SANCO.
  • Our resolution of building the MDM structures is still relevant in the current environment.
  • The question of pact will require that COSATU should forward a list of comrades to be part of Parliament and Cabinet.
  • The developmental state needs progressive forces to develop strong policies learn towards addressing the needs of the poor and workers.
  • The ANC should develop capacity to develop and monitor policies.



  • We confirm the revolutionary alliance as the only mechanism and instrument available and capable in the current conjuncture to lead and advance the NDR.
  • To build a strong and effective alliance structure that will serve as a political centre.
  • To campaign for the recall clause and that all public representative are accountable to the political centre.
  •  To mandate the executive structures to develop mechanism that will ensure that our structures debate political issues.
  • To challenge and expose a conclusion that monopoly capital and capital are the motive force in the NDR.
  • To campaign for the decisive victory of the ANC in the next coming national and local government elections.
  • Confirm the Alliance resolution that JZ should be our candidate for the President of the country.
  • To actively participate in ensuring that the elections manifesto is pro-poor and bias to the working class.
  • To mandate the executive structures to develop a concrete mechanism of ensuring that we build the SACP and all organs of the peoples power.
  • To actively participate in the community struggle and to build a strong MDM structures.
  • To assist in building the revolutionary and progressive civic movement in our community.
  • To mandate our executive structures to develop guidelines on the deployment of COSATU cadres to parliament and government.
  • The coming conference of the left should develop concrete proposals on how to build Socialism in South Africa given the dominance of capital in accumulation pattern.
  • The incoming government to be accountable to the people.
  • The union to assist in building the capacity of the ANC and the Alliance to develop policies and monitoring mechanism.
  • To mandate the executive structures of the union to develop a concrete proposals for the establishment of the newspaper that will be bias and pro-poor and the working class in the country.
  • To campaign for the radical transformation of the Judiciary System.
  • To actively engage with the community organisation to ensure that the current political space created by Polokwane Conference is utilized to drive progressive agenda within our country.
  • To campaign for the Re-nationalisation of key state institution such as SASOL, Mines and other related industries.
  • To mandate our executives to develop concrete proposal and mechanism of building cooperative movement within our country and in our industry in particular.
  • To mandate our executive to develop a programme that will ensure that Khutsong belong to Gauteng.
  • To campaign for the next election dates to be none trading day within our sector.







Noting that:

Quality of Jobs is another factor that has created problems for the trade union movement with members’ confidence in the Union being reduced and as a result fewer employees wanting to join the Union.


Believing that:

This is another tool in political terms that is used to provoke anger with the potential for violent reaction of whatever form across the Country.


Noting that:

Retrenchments have been a sore-point and Companies have begun using this as one of their mechanisms to de–unionise their establishments.


Believing that:

Without a shadow of doubt the greatest challenge is that this only serves to negatively impact on the quality of life of members and also adds to high levels of poverty in the country.

Scattering of working hours means that comrades are unable to meet as a collective and discuss organisational, COSATU, Alliance and related issues. More especially workers who work on Sundays are the hardest hit and more so because meetings are normally held on Sundays;




Noting that:

Outsourcing/Casualization poses a serious challenge to the workers and the working class given the impact this has on workers ability to earn reasonably acceptable income.


Believing that:

The end result is that one can not unionise those workers easily, given their reduced spending power and vulnerability, which results in a drop in membership for the Union.

There is also a difficulty in terms of identifying the actual employer in some cases and this obviously means that workers rights are seriously limited and undermined in a trilateral relationship.

Companies opt for outsourcing without genuinely consulting with the workers or the Union and outsourcing normally breeds a ground for workers to be dismissed without any recourse available to them.

Workers would work for long hours in return for little pay and there is no guarantee of jobs, leading to workers being scared to join unions for fear of victimization and if not the employer would discriminate them against.


Believing that:

The concept of importing Managers with foreign tendencies and grooming to run companies and impose policies that seek to reduce the union membership levels thereby also reducing the Union’s power in various establishments (Walmartization) should be confronted head-on.




Noting that:

Privatisation has put a big dent on the hopes and aspirations of the workers because this process involves rightsizing and downsizing doing away with the so-called non-core functions and as we all know this inevitably leads to job losses.

The unions in the process suffer a decline in membership and as a result have even less power to advance the struggle of the working class. It also reduces targets for companies who in turn argue that they are over-staffed and will need to cut down on the number of staff.



a⤀       Government should scrap the use of casual labour and all forms of atypical work in this Country by way of legislation.

b⤀       The Union should establish a Benefits Unit that would provide benefits like educational bursaries, funeral cover, etc. for both members of the Union and staff. The modalities of such a unit should be worked out by the first CEC after the 9th Congress.

c⤀       That the NEC should work together with Regions to re-demarcate locals in a manner that would enhance and improve service deliveries and staffing problems and afford the Union the capability and capacity to confront the threat to job security arising from the above principles adopted by employers.




Noting that:

The basics in life unaffordable to the workers and the working class and the effect thereof of being a breeding ground for criminal acts like theft.


Believing that:

This amounts to taking away the basic rights for ordinary South African.

The root cause of high food prices is as a result of greed of the Capitalists to maximise profits, economic and fiscal policies that are not properly regulated, influx of immigrants and of course the oil crisis.


Believing that:

Basic necessities like education, transport, water & electricity have become expensive and beyond the reach and affordability of the working class as a result of privatisation of various State Institutions.

The Competitions Tribunal has not delivered on its mandate as it relates to this aspect and it resulted in major companies monopolizing the market.



Engage in a campaign to force Government to subsidize the basic necessities like basic food and petrol so that we have a stable economy and create an environment where such are accessible and affordable to workers and ordinary.

The Government must also subsidize poor farmers with the purchase of fertilizers and the relevant machinery and speed up the process of land redistribution.







Noting that:

Houses have become too expensive for the low-income earners within the Country and majority of our people are still trapped in shacks with appalling conditions.


Believing that:

Workers’ families are also affected because now education becomes expensive and they have to drop out and this leads to an uneducated nation, a scenario that would not augur well for South Africa and the South African Economy.



  • Government through the Departments of Housing and that of Social Development should increase the subsidy for both housing and the Basic Income Grant. This will firstly ensure that more South Africans in the low-income bracket are able to afford decent houses and secondly with BIG more financial muscle to afford the basics of life. Government should ensure that the electricity cost remains low for poor communities.
  • SACCAWU should support and campaign for free quality public education for all as a basic right.







The Congress noted that:

1⸀   There is general knowledge of socio-economic issues within the union.

2⸀   There is lack of thoroughly knowledge of policies and strategies within the union.

3⸀   There is absence of engagement on socio-economic issues within our structures.

4⸀   There is a lack of resources and education to members within the union on socio-economic issues.

5⸀   The dual ownership of houses is a problem and in particular ownership by foreign nationals.

6⸀   The Country is facing a serious backlog on provision of houses to the poor.

7⸀   The education crisis facing our education system.

8⸀   The health crisis confronting our country.

9⸀   The Electricity crisis facing our country.

10⸀The Current economic policies of the country have been conservative and liberal to the detriment of the poor and the working class.

11⸀The first decade has not benefited the poor and the marginalized including the working class in the past 14 years of democracy.

12⸀ The banks have monopoly of the economy and have not been transformed.


We believe that:

1⸀   Privatization and commercialization of the water resources constrains our government to provide water to the poor and the vulnerable.

2⸀   Water preservation is required and critical.

3⸀   Capacity building within our structures on socio-economic issues is required.

4⸀   The electricity crisis is as a result of wrong economic policies adopted by our government.

5⸀   The education system needs serious transformation.

6⸀   The health system needs serious attention by the alliance partners and stake holders within the country before it collapse.

7⸀   The country need to confront the housing crisis confronting our country.

8⸀   The economy of the country is still in the hands of the few and no real impact has been done to transform our economic system and distribution of wealth.

9⸀   The current economic policies have only benefited the few blacks who have been well connected at the political level.

10⸀The economic growth has not translated to the benefit of the poor and the marginalized.



1⸀   The union should develop infrastructure and educate members on socio-economic matters.

2⸀   The union should develop mechanism to implement the medium term vision.

3⸀   The shopstewards should be encouraged to participate in the community based structures.

4⸀   The union should strengthen the subcommittees on education.

5⸀   The union should train our shopstewards to be able to research on economic issues.

6⸀   The union to call upon extensive research on availability of water and its impact to growth.

7⸀   Bilateral agreement needs to be negotiated with social movement.

8⸀   Embark upon a campaign to educate our community on water preservation.

9⸀    The Alliance should call the summit on the following key challenging issues:

  • Water Summit.
  • Education Summit.
  • Health Summit.
  • Housing Summit.

We believe that these summits among other issues should pronounce on the following issues:

  • Pre-paid meters are unconstitutional.
  • Develop a radical programme to transform higher education
  • Education should be free to all the citizen of the country.
  • Ensure that institutions of higher learning are not independent from the ministry of education.
  • The summit to consider the current format and mechanism of funding for education system.
  • The introduction of Marxism and Leninism within our Schools.
  • The introduction of our indigenous languages as medium of instruction within our school.
  • Regeneration of the moral of the public service.
  • Developing a short and medium term Programme of Action to deal with the crisis in our health, education and housing.



  • The inflation targeting does not serve the interest of the developmental state.
  • The reserve bank should be nationalized.
  • The macro economic policies of the country should be transformed to advance our developmental state.
  • The current surplus by the state does not advance our objectives to build an effective capacity of the state to advance the interest of the community and the poor in particular.
  • The Parliament should have powers to amend the budget of the Finance Minister and also of the Various Ministers or Departments.
  • To campaign for the establishment of the cooperative, workers and State Bank to challenge the monopoly of the banks in our country.





Noting that:

People who are dying of this disease are in the age bracket of between 20years to 55years and mostly are the working class and the poor. Also the grants that are given to people infected with this disease has created a problem because young workers deliberately infect themselves and then instead of seeking employment and swelling the ranks of the working group they sit at home.



Campaigns around the reality of the prevalence of HIV/AIDS should be intensified and the primary target should be the youth. Acceleration of rollout of ARVs should be fast tracked with such resources being made available in all hospitals and mobile clinics and human resources be deployed in rural areas.









  • The Union should publicly support the call for the formation of a Government of National Unity in Zimbabwe and should condemn the brutal killing of workers and the rural poor in that country.








We need to defend all our political gains and space as per the Plan and fight for those that are still outstanding. A Code of Good Practice should be put into place to regulate the Multi National Corporations.

Unions should build global structures tighten relations with other Unions in the continent and abroad to challenge the effects of globalisation. In line with general call for the implementation of decent work principles and solidarity with other workers on the continent, the development of the Code represents a valuable opportunity to advance the rights of workers on the continent.







The Congress notes that:

1⸀   The world is still dominated by America as a superpower.

2⸀   There are minimal discussions on international issues within the union.

3⸀   The world is also confronting socio-economic and political instability.

4⸀   The xenophobic attacks have a serious potential to reverse our progressive standing within the international communities.

5⸀   The international balance of force at the international level is tilted towards the capitalist dominance.

6⸀   The United Nation and the Security Council have not changed or transformed.

7⸀   The World Bank and the IMF are still controlled by the imperialist and capitalist countries.

8⸀   The lack of knowledge and understanding of our objectives as articulated in the 2017 plan.

9⸀   The rising food prices and the petrol prices are affecting the poor and developing countries worse than developed countries.

10⸀The struggle to free the people of Palestine is a just and fair struggle.

11⸀The rise of progressive forces within the Latin America.

12⸀ The positive development in fighting for the removal of Blockage by America against the people of CUBA.

13⸀The Progress and challenges in promoting cross-border   bargaining with Multi-National where we are organized.

14⸀The current challenges confronting the Southern hemisphere in Africa.

15⸀ The current problems confronting the people of Zimbabwe.


Believing that:

1⸀   The union should encourage its structures to engage on international question and issues in a more structured manner.

2⸀   The progressive forces at the can tilt the balance of forces towards the people and developing countries.

3⸀   The current socio-economic and political instability are the caused by the capitalist system which graduate from one crisis to another.

4⸀   The United Nation and the Security Council still require a struggle to transform them.

5⸀   The World Bank and the IMF are serving the interest of America and its Allies at the expense of Africa and developing Countries.

6⸀   The union has attempted to implement some of the objectives of the 2017 plan.

7⸀   The rising food prices and petrol will reverse the gains made towards achieving the minimum developmental goals in poor countries.

8⸀   The African Countries should develop their own financial institution to address the challenges of financial constrains.

9⸀   The subsidies that rich countries provide to their farmers have a negative impact to African farmers and to the objectives of achieving the developmental goals.

10⸀The union should intensify the struggle against Apartheid Israel.

11⸀The removal of sanctions by the European Union is a positive step towards our objectives.

12⸀The union should develop an organizational link with union in India, Brazil and China.

13⸀The current Challenges confronting the people of Zimbabwe are complex and dynamic.



1⸀   To strengthen our international relation department.

2⸀   The CEC to develop mechanism to ensure that all of our structures engage on international developments on range of issues affecting the workers and the working class.

3⸀   The African Countries and developing countries to open their own global financial institution to drive the challenges of growth and infrastructural developments within the continent.

4⸀   Africa should campaign for a seat within the Security Council with a veto right.

5⸀   Africa should continue with the campaign to transform the United Nation.

6⸀   Africa should establish a Competition Commission to investigate the price offered by global companies.

7⸀   Campaign against Bio-Fuel.

8⸀   Intensify our programme as contained in the 2017 plan.

9⸀   The executive structures to develop a concrete programme to take this programme forward.

10⸀The union to join the progressive forces within the country and at the international level to give effect to support the struggle to free the people of Palestine.

11⸀To establish an organizational link with progressive trade unions in India and Brazil which are operating within our sectors?

12⸀ To intensify and popularize the struggle to free the Cuban five and others.

13⸀ To establish an award in honour of Comrade Fidel Castro for his contribution to the struggle of our people.

14⸀ The union to undertake a study tour in CUBA.

15⸀ To campaign for democratic and peaceful Zimbabwe.

16⸀ To fight for a constitutional democratic government in Swaziland.

17⸀ To campaign for a free and fair election for Swaziland.