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SINTHOTS Mozambique Address to SACCAWU National Congress

SINTHOTS General Scretary Intervention at the 9th National Congress of SACCAWU

Solidarity Message


dear Comrade President of SACCAWU

Dear Secretary of SACCAWU

Dear National Secretariat Members of SACCAWU

Dear Colleagues Unionists

Respected Guests


I would like on behalf of the National Secretariat of SINTHOTS that represent about 35 509 workers, among those 18 000 are women within 5 300 workplaces of Hospitality, Tourism Industry and Mozambique Allied, in my personal name, to thank for the formulated invite given to SINTHOS by this important occasion in the life of South African workers, particularly for those SACCAWU Members. To start my intervention before I would like to express my satisfaction and esteem for the opportunity given to me to address in presence of various levels of SACCAWU delegates subsystems and I express cordial greetings and good work f the Congress I also extend at SACCAWU leadership that had been conducted South African Movement with intelligence for becoming more effective ate worldwide Union Cooperation.

In this importance extreme occasion, the National Secretariat of SINTHOTS would like to recognise the SACCAWU role in the relationship strength with another Region SADC so generous Trade Unions in particular and Africa in general that results on strength Trade Union development, co-ordinate and United.

The success obtained among Trade Union those years was only possible because of many common coordinate actions that found solid basis to obtain ways in progress for or Countries Trade Unions Development and the results are visible so, SINTHOTS encourage the Regional Trade Unions Leaders to continue develop efforts to unite Unions.

Dear Colleagues

We today testimony of the 9th National SACCAWU Congress as a great important movement to the workers life at the moment when solidarity and Union co-operation on these two Trade Unions is a reality. Within this mutual co-operation, those who linked by the bilateral agreement established  by two Unions as the form to unity efforts in order to defend the workers rights a interests, the results achieved through this co-operation agreement among these two Unions created a solid basis in the mutual co-operation and relation system work, supported by the strong unions.

Dear Comrades

To finalize I would like Thank for this opportunity given to me to addressing once more the appeal at the Region Government to stimulate the program implementation of the issues related with thee global system of theses Occupational Health and Safety, Social Protection including retirements, unemployment subsidies, infant assistance, intensifying Professional Training at the moment the Mozambique’s Government until 2010 will approve 40 Projects to build 41 Hotels, Tourism Centres where will be the employment about 8 600 workers.

I would like to you a good lucky and success thank you very much.