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The closing address of the newly elected



15TH -18TH OCTOBER 2008


Comrade Delegates!


On behalf of the incoming SACCAWU NOBs I would like to extend our appreciation for you having resolved to extend our term of office for the next three years. We acknowledge that as delegates, not merely members or shop stewards you had the power to decide on our fate within this movement of Emma Mashinini and the Late Setena Khaile and the rest of the forbearers of our movement.

It must be noted that we have a major task ahead of us, of importance is the following:

  1. 1.   Ensuring that we resolve the political strike against Walmartisation at Woolworths.
  2. 2.   Ensuring that we prioritize the financial accounting within our movement. This suggests that by the time we call the first Executive Committee meeting the Finance Department is ready to present the 2006 and 2007 audits. At this stage one does not want to over emphasize the importance of the availability of the said audits particularly if one has to consider the current efficiency of the Labour Department around such.

 In this context I challenge the incoming NOBs, in particular myself and the General Secretary of the Union to revisit the decision of the previous CEC on the recommendation of the Commission that dealt with the overall management and administration of the finance of the Union

  1. 3.   We need to prioritise the assessment of the weakness of our regions and locals. It is important to mention that the regions through their locals are the engines of our movement.
  2. 4.   We need to deal with the laxity of our staff members nationally but in particular at Head-Office.
  3. 5.   We have a task to make an assessment of the Head-Office Department and aggressively deal with their weaknesses.
  4. 6.   We need to deal with the broader organizational weaknesses and priority must be service delivery to our members.

I am therefore calling upon the incoming NOBs to hold a Bosberaad/Meeting outside the Union Offices to deal with the following:

  1. 1.   Our individual and collective roles as NOBs
  2. 2.   An assessment of effective is the current allocation of Head-Office Departments amongst NOBs.
  3. 3.   The process of criticism and self criticism amongst ourselves as NOBs.
  4. 4.   The development of guidelines in regard to the overall co-ordination of our movement.


Comrade Delegates

This 9th SACCAWU National Congress held under extreme difficult circumstances however we managed to make serious pronouncements and resolves on the following amongst others:

  1. 1.   How to defend the leadership of the movement of the people being the ANC.
  2. 2.   Ensuring that the splinter group from the African National Congress does not confuse our membership and the society now and during the period leading to the General Election in 2009.
  3. 3.   Ensuring that the African National Congress as the movement of the people receive an overwhelming victory in the General Election in 2009.
  4. 4.   We tirelessly work towards improving service to our members who have been loyal to our organization.
  5. 5.   We ensure that there is a rapid growth in membership in pursuance of targets set in the SACCAWU 2017 Plan.

 Lastly on behalf of the NOBS and the more than three hundred delegates at this historic National Congress we would like to extend our thanks and appreciations to the THETA for having made it possible for us to hold this successful SACCAWU National Congress.

 We would also like to extend our thanks and appreciations for the contributions made by Old Mutual, INGWE Momentum Health, CAPITEC and other service providers.

 We must also take this opportunity to thank Comrades Lucas Ramathlodi and Makie Ndumdum and their team for working tirelessly having sleepless nights with their primary objective being that of ensuring that all logistical arrangement for this National Congress are up to standard.

 Comrades you must also give yourselves applause for the discipline, dedication and commitment that you have displayed from the first to last day of this historic National Congress. For that the NOBs are challenging you for a hard drink this evening!

 Comrades please travel back home safely particularly the delegates from the KZN Region who will be traveling in the early hours of Sunday!

 Delegates, remember!